Why you should start planning your trip to the snow in January

As anyone knows, the first step in planning your trip is to choose a resort. For families or first-time visitors, then Charlotte Pass might be a perfect choice since it’s less crowded. Or, perhaps the smaller Selwyn Snowfields are preferable. It really doesn’t matter where you plan to go, what matters is that you plan well in advance. Yes, as far in advance as January, even if you plan to wait until July. Snowfall typically starts in April, but peak is considered July (and August). There are so many reasons why you should plan ahead.


Firstly, you need to plan your travel – are you driving, hopping on the bus or taking a train? If you are travelling by car, then you may need snow chains. Are you a two-wheel-drive? Then, there’s a good chance you do need them unless signs suggest otherwise. So, it’s important that you know where you’re going, how you are going to get there, and what laws you’ll need to observe on the way.


The second important reason for planning is the preparation aspect. You want to shop for all your gear before you get to the snow. Otherwise, you’re going to pay more for the items you forgot. So, make yourself a list and make sure you get everything on it to save yourself some cash.


Thirdly, planning ahead means you have plenty of time to scope out the best offers. For example, planning more than one trip in a season? A season pass might save you some money! It also provides you with plenty of time to find more affordable accommodation. You don’t have to head for a premium resort, there are still better options available the earlier you look.


One of the most expensive aspects of your trip will be the lift tickets. You don’t have to ski every single day, though. If you plan ahead, then you can plan some other adventures that will allow you to chill out, save money, and still have a great time.


Last, but certainly not least, planning ahead means you are going to get the resort you want. Which is good for your budget.

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