7 Australian Adventure Experiences

Get ready to push yourself to the limit as your heart rate spikes with our list of 7 Australian adventure experiences.

Ocean Rafting, Airlie Beach, Queensland

See Whitsunday Islands with an adrenaline rush on a half-inflatable, half-metal watercraft with a very large engine. What you miss out on in tranquillity, you make up for by getting you to all of the best spots as fast as possible, and its heaps of fun to jumping off the raft to go snorkelling.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, Sydney, New South Wales

If you were asked to think of two of Australia’s most iconic landmarks, it’s highly likely that you’d think of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. With The Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb, you’ll get an unrivalled 360 degree view of both, with the city of Sydney providing the perfect backdrop, and on an extremely clear day, you might even be able to see the Blue Mountains in the distance to the west.

Cage Dive With Great Whites, Port Lincoln, South Australia

Climbing into a steel cage before being plunged into shark infested waters is one of the most adrenaline pumping activities you can find and is only for the brave. Despite coming face to face with the greatest and most feared of all predators, under the ocean as well as on solid ground, simply being in the water near these powerful creatures is incredible experience.

Sunset Camel Safari, Broome, Western Australia

Enjoy riding a camel along the seemingly endless and pristine beach of Broome as the sun sets over the Indian Ocean. While it’s not an extreme adventure in any way, unless you’re scared of camels, it’s an extremely unique way to end the day.

Surfing, Byron Bay, New South Wales

Everyone who travels along the east coast of Australia should at least give surfing a go. While there many great surfing spots between Brisbane and Sydney, Byron Bay is iconic and is also best for beginners. Byron has plenty of surf schools, so with a little help, you should be standing up after an hour or three.

Rock Climbing, Tasmania

Tasmania is a verifiable rock climbing paradise situated just a short drive south from Melbourne. For those who are serious about the sport you can choose from the Dolerite crags at the Cataract Gorge in Launceston, the steep cliffs at Adamsfield, or the Freycinet granite sea cliffs. No matter how you choose to climb; the unique island of Tasmania will provide you with some spectacularly stunning views you find anywhere else on the planet.

Swim With Whale Sharks, Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia

At Ningaloo Reef located off the coast of Western Australia, you can snorkel and swim alongside  the largest fish in existence. Whale sharks are truly the gentle giants of the sea who have no sharp teeth as they live on a diet that consists exclusively of plankton. The best times to see these incredibly massive sea creatures is during their migration along the coast between March and November.

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