10 Reasons Why New Zealand Is The Most Adventurous Country

The unofficial national sport of New Zealand is jumping from high places. Not only are they responsible for inventing Bungy Jumping, but those crazy New Zealanders are also responsible for Zorbing, Jet Boating. An extraordinary playground full of thrilling excitement, NZ has a wide selection of extreme activities on offer, located across the diversely beautiful landscape. So, here are our top 10 reasons why New Zealand is the most adventurous country on Earth.

Bungy Jumping

Head to Kawarau Bridge on the road to Queenstown and take a leap of faith at the site of the first commercial bungy jump in the world. You can even ask for some extra slack if you’re game so you can get your head dunked in the river below. Alternatively, head to Taupo Bungy on the Waikato River, the Auckland Harbour Bridge, New Zealand’s highest bungy from the top of the Nevis in Queenstown.


Among the mixture of adventure activities at Rotorua is Zorbing. Another one of their crazy ideas, you climb inside a giant plastic ball before rolling down a hill inside it. Whether you’re in the area for the renowned geothermal wonders or just enjoying the sights, this is an iconic and must-try activity for all who enjoy a little adventure.


The ultimate in guided Heli-ski adventures, you’ll be flown to the mountain peak before making your own way down, skiing or snowboarding through the freshly fallen virgin powder.

Walk The Edge

Take a leisurely walk around the outside of New Zealand’s tallest building, the Sky Tower in Auckland. You can also throw yourself from the top of the observation area’s narrow ledge situated 192 meters above ground, with ropes attached of course.

White Water Rafting

Experience white water rafting down the highest commercially run waterfall in the world at the Tutea Falls near Rotorua. Definitely not suggested for anyone fears of water, this pretty crazy 20 foot waterfall is located on the Kaituna River.


At top of the list for most spelunkers, New Zealand has some of the most spectacular and challenging caving systems on earth. Enjoy Nelson’s underground adventures at the deepest sinkhole in the southern hemisphere, experience the thrill of black-water floating through the remarkable Waitomo Caves.

Shotover Jet Boating

Some would say that strapping a jet engine to a boat and then skimming over super shallow glacial rivers sounds like a bad idea, but not New Zealanders. Just outside Queenstown, you too can push it to the limit, Jetboating down the narrow Shotover Canyon. Feel the rush of adrenaline negotiating 360-degree spins in a powerful jet-boat on one of the most spectacular rivers in Queenstown or feel the power of the thundering Huka Falls of Lake Taupo as your jetboat goes hurtling past.

Scuba Diving

Located north of Whangarei and just off the east coast of New Zealand’s North Island, Poor Knights Islands is highly rated as one of the world’s best scuba diving sites. With easily accessible reefs and wrecks, snorkelling and diving classes also available, this is one of New Zealand’s favourite underwater destinations.


For a truly heart-stopping adventure over epic landscapes, you can’t beat skydiving in New Zealand.! Available in many different locations around New Zealand such as Auckland, Lake Taupo, and Bay of Plenty, you can’t beat the gorgeous backdrop of mountains surrounding Wanaka and Queenstown after hurling yourself out of a perfectly good airplane. It really doesn’t get any better than plummeting back to earth above glacial lakes and snow-capped mountains ranges.


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