5 Of The Best Climbs In Australia

Australia is a beautiful country with a diverse landscape filled with amazing climbing locations. A rock climbers dream, almost every state has majestic mountains mage up of vertical granite slabs and jagged cliffs, with some climbs right beside the ocean, while others reward you with views of seemingly endless mountain ranges. Here’s our picks for the 5 best climbs Down Under:

Mt Arapiles, Victoria

Australia’s most popular destination for rock climbing and one of the best in the world, Mt Arapiles located in Western Victoria is relatively small in size yet boasts over 2,000 tightly packed climbs for the more experienced climbers, including one of the hardest routes in the world named “Punks in the Gym”. All year round, there are plenty of sheltered climbing routes on Mt Arapiles during the hotter summer temperatures, all with expansive views of the remote outback of Victoria and Mitre Lake.

Blue Mountains, New South Wales

Blue Mountains are a must when climbing in Australia. One of New South Wales’ most beautiful attractions, the Blue Mountains is a premier climbing destination thanks to erosion forming a massive network of varying climbing styles and difficulties in the immense fissured sandstone plateau. Climbing is available all year round thanks to the reasonably temperate climate and ranges from traditional climbs at Echo Point to cragging at Diamond falls.

Wilpena Pound, South Australia

Flinders Ranges National Park located north of Adelaide is home of Wilpena Pound, the most popular climb in South Australia. Popular climbs at this natural amphitheatre include the peak at St. Mary’s and the remote 2km stretch of cliffs found in the heart of these ranges called Moonarie. While considered by most to not be as difficult as Mt. Arapiles above, climbs at Wilpena Pound are still suggested for the more skilled climbers.

Freycinet Peninsula, Tasmania

One Australia’s best coastal climbs, Freycinet Peninsula is an exceptionally laid back climb in a beautiful setting. Featuring descent climbs like White Water Wall, The Nuggets, and Cape Tourville, the ease of access to the cliffs around Bluestone Bay usually attract many climbers. Among the more demanding ascents of the Peninsula, the pink granite of Hazards have a poor rock quality that hinders climbing access which obviously also affects how many people tackle it.

Glass House Mountains, Queensland

Queensland’s most popular climb would have to be the beautiful Glass House Mountains located on the Sunshine Coast, perfect for all climbing difficulty levels thanks to the splendid grouping of mounts. With the highest peak rising to over 1,800 ft above sea level, both Mt Beerwah and Mt Tibrogargan have good lines for beginners while providing the kind of settings most commonly reserved for climbers with much more experience. Generally okay for climbing any time of the year, just remember that the Sunshine State often has summers with soaring temperatures and humidity.


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