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Worst (or Best) Life Hacks of 2019

If you’ve been searching for lifestyle advice and didn’t really know where to look, we’ve got you sorted. There has been a growing trend of late of people offering lifestyle tips that are a bit obscure to say the least, and we thought it was only fair that we share some of the best tips you don’t really need. Although some of these tips are aimed to make you smile, you might actually get some use out of them. If you have some lifestyle tips you’d like to share, why not send us a message on Facebook.


Take a selfie through a toilet roll and pretend you are the moon. This is obviously not the greatest look if you want to impress someone with your professionalism or beauty, but it sure makes for a great new profile pic on Facebook.


Spray your power cords with some detangle spray when they are tangled. This works a treat, the more you spray it, the easier they become to untangle.



Access the iPhone 7 headphone jack with this simple hack. Drilling in the right place will find the jack that has been hidden in the new iPhones.



Cut your tennis balls in half to save space. This is a great space saving technique for anyone who loves a game of tennis, or has a dog that loves to chase balls. Space can be hard to find when it comes to storage of balls, and this is the best hack around.


Use The Metal Part Of Your Seat Belt To Open Beers While Driving. This is a very convenient way to pre-drink when you are running late for a party.

Magnify your phone’s screen by putting it in a glass of water. You’ll be amazed at how well this life hack works. Water has the amazing power to magnify, and this is not different with your new phone.


Keep birthday cake moist by eating it all at once. One of the best food hacks around, after a party, one of the hardest things to do is keep a cake moist. Enjoy it all at once to make it happen.


Put your new TV box next to your neighbour’s bin so you don’t get robbed. Nobody wants to get robbed, so why advertise to thieves that you just got a new TV? Put your TV box in front of a neighbour’s place (preferably one you don’t like too much) and there is less chance someone will break into your place to steal your new TV.


Use laptop chargers to keep your coffee warm. This is a great hack. You can also heat up a hot cross bun, or if the charger is slightly faulty, it may even be hot enough to cook an egg.



If your children are needy and require attention while they sleep, this hack will work a treat. Place a glove filled with sand or lentils on their back while they sleep so they think it’s you holding them.


Impress your guests by creating  fruit holders out of bottle caps. Not only can they be placed anywhere around the house, you’ll be doing your bit for the environment too.


If you happen to notice someone crying, simply ask them if it’s because of their haircut. It should make them smile.


Stop tears in the kitchen with this life hack. Onions are the worst right? This life hack will make sure you never get tears again when cutting onions.


Save time by adding toothpaste to your food. One of the best hacks you can imagine is also quite logical. Adding toothpaste to your food will save you precious time each day that would normally be spent brushing your teeth.


Use sticky tape and a fork if you can’t find a spoon to eat yoghurt or soup with.


Use your jacket hood as a popcorn bowl. Turn your hoodie around backwards and you have an instant popcorn bowl for movie night. Something tells me that this was the original purpose for the hoodie, and people just realised it was also a great way to keep your head warm.


Do you want to create infinite power? Plug A power board into itself. This doesn’t need explaining, the symbol for infinity is proof.

Save the planet with this life hack. Reverse Your Window A/C Unit in winter To Save On Heating. It’s Also better For The Environment and reduces global warming, by cooling down the outside air.


If you’re working a late shift or running a marathon and need a pick me up, exchange your contact lens solution for coffee.


If you spill coffee on your fresh new white shirt, just boil up a big pot of coffee and soak your whole shirt in it to make it all the same colour.

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