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5 places you really should visit in New South Wales in 2019

New South Wales is Australia’s oldest state. It also happens to be home to one of the most beautiful cities in the world – Sydney, the beautiful harbour city. Tourists from all over the world are wowed by the harbour, the restaurants, museums, galleries, and Sydney Opera House. There’s much more to the city than that to New South Wales, though. In fact, NSW is home to a number of world heritage areas, six of them to be exact.



Of course, you have to visit Sydney, it’s the capital of NSW after all and perhaps one of the more alluring cities in the world. There is so much to do, from the museums and galleries to the Royal Botanic Gardens.


Blue Mountains

It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site and it’s the perfect spot for a day trip. If you’re in Sydney, then you can’t leave before venturing to the Blue Mountains National Park. You’ll find forests of eucalyptus, sandstone outcrops, and cavernous valleys. Hiking, wildlife, antique stores, and tea shops – you can’t miss it.


Byron Bay

The north coast tends to attract two main types of people, the surfers and those who are into nature. There are amazing hikes – the Cape Byron Track takes you to the continent’s most easterly point. You can watch whales and dolphins frolic, indulge in water sports, and more. You can head inland about an hour to find Nimbin, it’s a small town. It’s Byron Bay’s old soul, where you’ll find more alternative and counterculture lifestyles.


Hunter Valley

If you hop in the car it’s just a two-hour drive north out of Sydney. It also happens to be one of the country’s widely known grape-growing areas. Yes, it’s a popular escape option for anyone who loves food, wine, galleries, and beautiful scenery. There are also some amazing national parks you can visit.


Coffs Harbour

A subtropical climate, stunning beaches… and you can see why this is a favourite spot. Fishing, diving, kayaking, surfing, and even waterfalls and rainforests. You’ll also find Grafton, a town that is famous for jacaranda trees and six national parks.







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