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20 Aussie slang terms – have you heard these?

Fancy slipping into your bathers this arvo after we throw some snags on the barbie? We can go to the bottle-o first. You’re a flamin’ galah if you think I’d drink goon. Some Aussie slang is famous all over the world, whether it’s because of movies or TV shows. We tried to come up with 20 Aussie slang terms that aren’t quite as common as your everyday lingo.


  1. Do The Harry – the former prime minister disappeared in 1967. Some would say he bolted (or Harry Holted) from his responsibilities.


  1. Bushman’s Handkerchief – there’s no handkerchief, it’s the act of using your hand to plug one nostril while you clear your other nostril into nature.


  1. Tall Poppies – highly successful people.


  1. Tall Poppy Syndrome – the envy of highly successful people.


  1. Woop Woop – a far away place, sometimes used to refer to the outback.


  1. Not Within Cooee – it’s far away. Cooee is a shout used in the Australian bush to grab attention, when done properly the sound carries quite a distance. So, if it isn’t within cooee… well, it must be pretty far!


  1.  Zack – 5 cents or a sixpence. “It’s not worth a zack.”


  1. Quandong – someone who takes advantage of others’ good nature or a sponger.


  1. Ninety to the Dozen – do you know someone who talks constantly and never shuts up? This is it.


  1. Mad as a Meataxe – stupid.


  1. Furphy – unsupported rumours or gossip.


  1. Emu – a boring person or someone who talks too much.


  1. Cactus – broken or dead


  1. Death adder in your pocket – a stingy person.


  1. Sparrows fart – early morning or dawn.


  1. Durry – cigarette or tobacco.


  1. Cleanskin – this has two meanings. The first relates to cattle that haven’t been castrated, earmarked or branded. The second to wine that is purchased in bulk by companies who add their own label.


  1. Blow in the bag – breathalyser.


  1. Auntie – the Australian Broadcasting Corporation or ABC.


  1. Axle Grease – cash money.








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