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Aussie fashion trends (you’d rather forget)

You take a bunch of photos so you have memories to look back on. There’s one slight drawback… it can be pretty cringe to look back on some of the fashion choices you made in the past. Oh, don’t worry, you are not alone. There are fashion trends we all wish we could forget. In fact, now seems like a good time to remind you of some of the worst Aussie fashion trends that we all lived through. Once upon a time, these items were among the most coveted items of clothing on the market and now, well, now we hang our heads in shame.



  1. Shell Suits

They just won’t die. They experience a resurgence every now and then, but ultimately, they were the worst idea ever. They are shapeless and unattractive yet, everyone was rushing to buy them. They’re still around, a bit more stylish than before. Nothing will help us recover from the decades of shell suit abuse we lived through.


  1. VPL

Remember when a visible panty line was all the rage? Yes, it was back in the early noughties when all the biggest pop stars were doing it. Obviously, navel rings were all the rage so low slung jeans were a must. Thanks to that trend, though, it means that your thong was showing. There was nothing cool about it.


  1. Extreme Flares

In the 1970s, extreme flares at least had the decency to be fitted around the waist. When the trend re-emerged extreme flares were completely shapeless. It was a lot like pitching a tent for each leg. You might have thought you looked cool, but… they were never okay. Not in the 1970s, not in the 1990s, early noughties or even now.


  1. Platform Shoes

You know the ones, with platforms so big some of them had goldfish swimming around. They may have added to your height, but they did not improve your fashion.


Of course, there’s a good chance that while we live to regret them, they will come back around again. The 90s were one of the worst decades for fashion on record, and yet here we are living through them again, including some of the worst styles we were sure were consigned to the bin.







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