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World’s leading surfers, including reigning women’s world champion Carissa Moore, witness shooting of a man in Rio near World Surf League Event.
Surf magazine Stab reported on their site a shooting occurred just a street away from where the World Surf League event is due to kick off this week. Aussie surf queen Sally Fitzgibbons is also in Rio for the meet, as is six-time world champion Stephanie Gilmore.

It is believed Gilmore was in a nearby restaurant with other world championship tour surfers at the time of the shooting. Stab has quoted American surfer Conner Coffin who says he was with women’s world champion Moore when they saw a man gunned down on the street.

“It was me, Carissa and a couple guys from Hurley,” Conner told Stab. “At first I thought it was fire crackers, then someone yelled gun and we all just jumped.”

“We saw this guy trying to get away from the man wielding a pistol at the gas station. He jumped on a motorcycle, he was shot and bleeding. It was pretty gnarly. I thought he got away, but I heard later that he was seen lying in the street. It’s definitely the sketchiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

In 2015, top surfer Ricciardo Dos Santos was shot three times outside his home in Brazil.