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Review: OUTBACK 11W

Currently available exclusively from SatPhone Shop as part of a launch special where you can save 25% off MSRP.

The 11W is in the middle of the Outback range with slightly more light absorbance due to its larger dimensions (330mmL x 258mmW) and slightly faster charging. Under the same sunlight conditions, it took roughly 2 hours to charge the Iridium GO! Although The 11W weighs twice as much as the 6W at 395g, it’s still not that heavy when carrying it around with you.


The 11W does not need as much space as the 6W when laid out since it’s not as long, instead, the solar panels are larger which cover more of its surface area. This means it can be placed flat on the ground or even propped upright.


There is also a storage zipper case stitched into the back of panel which makes it a lot easier to store your carabiner clips, micro USB cable and any other small accessories you might have on you.

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