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Review: OUTBACK 6W

Currently available exclusively from SatPhone Shop as part of a launch special where you can save 25% off MSRP.

This solar panel is great if you’re looking for something portable you can take on the go. The four panels can easily fold up in your backpack with no issues. It only weighs 205 grams so it’s also one of the lighter solar panels on the market. If you need to travel light for outdoor activities such as hiking, rock climbing or cycling, then the 6W won’t over encumber you.


The panels themselves feel very durable and are water resistant so you can travel with it easily in rural or urban environments. Charging power is good when there is lots of sunlight, however I did notice it will still charge slowly in overcast weather too. Charging my Iridium GO! to full capacity took a little under 3 hours when placing the 6W flat under full sunlight. I like that there is 2 LED’s that show how much power is being generated by the sun; and how much sunlight is exposed to your solar panel. With this information, I can decide whether I need to move the panel to a different location.


In the box, there are two carabiner clips where I can clip the panel onto my bag while I charge my Iridium GO! in my pocket. The supplied USB charging cord has 2 connectors- micro USB and lightning adaptor attached so it will work with most portable smart devices.

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