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Review: Outback 20W

Currently available exclusively from SatPhone Shop as part of a launch special where you can save 25% off MSRP.


The largest solar panel in the Outback range is the Outback 20W which has double the length of the 11W when laid flat allowing for better sunlight coverage.  It is also 300 grams heavier, weighing in at 695g. The main difference with the 20W between the others is the dual USB ports. This means you can charge two devices at the same time. Charging speed is about the same as the 11W.


The 20W comes with the storage zipper case as well as the 2 carabiner clips and an extra micro USB cable for your dual charging.


If you’re looking for an entry level solar panel, The Outback 6W retails for $94.50. The 11W will be another $30 coming in at $124.50, and the 20W can be purchased for $194.50. If you’re quick enough, SatPhone Shop’s launch special are currently offering them for $70.88, $93.37 and $145.87 respectively.

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