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Australian outdoor gear innovator Mountain Designs has added to its range of environmentally responsible clothing with the release of Seawool – a sustainable flannel collection crafted from recycled oyster shells and recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles.

“It’s about creating a positive social impact while making clothes that are functional, versatile and also stylish,” says Mountain Designs CEO Caroline Machado Campos. “We believe upcycling is more efficient than recycling.”
Upcycling means giving food waste a second life, and repurposes food and byproducts that can’t be eaten.

“The byproducts of our food don’t have to end up in landfills—especially when they look this stylish; our mentality is to help preserve the natural environment. This is our long term commitment” she said.

Mountain Designs is recognised as an innovator of outdoor and travel products, using state-of-the-art design methods and world class technologies to create quality products that are functional and comfortable to wear.
“We use a variety of fibre options in the construction of our garments which has many positives from an environmental perspective. This is not the first time we have re-used waste. In 2015 we released a range of high performance jackets made using recycled coffee grounds. Using a combination of raw and recycled materials we have been able to implement a creative approach to supporting the reduction of landfill,” said Ms Machado Campos
Mountain Designs is the first Australian brand to use this innovative fabric.

Seawool is an eco-friendly fabric that is produced using a combination of oyster shells that have been milled into a fine powder and PET bottles broken into chips. The wrinkle free range is easy to care for, soft to touch, dries quickly and still provides warmth.

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