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Mount Everest’s southern climbing route, beginning at the Nepalese base camp up to the peak of the mountain has recently been documented by 360° videography and photography.

A 360° video is created with a camera system that simultaneously records all 360 degrees of a scene. Viewers can pan and rotate a 360° video’s perspective to watch it from different angles.

The 360° image option has recently been added to the Facebook platform, where the viewing angle of a 360 video is changed by dragging a finger across the screen or by navigating with the device. Omni directional views of Everest are now available online to millions of people around the world with unique recordings.


Project 360° provides now omnidirectional views of 40 peaks around the world including climbing icons, like Mont Blanc, the Cervin, the Matterhorn and the north face of the Eige.

As a virtual climber you can choose different perspectives and experiences of the difficult climbing passages through high quality visuals. 360° photography in extreme climbing sites is full of challenges, and to record the route, it was not actually professional photographers, but four professional mountain climbers and Sherpa mountain guides on Mount Everest who carried the equipment. It consisted of a special camera system with a backpack and a cube of six #GoPros that record 360° imagery and videos.

As you will see from the link below, the images are absolutely breathtaking.