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#News: The launch of the Scrubba™ weightless wallet
An upcycled travel/sports wallet that is essentially formed from nothing and weighs almost nothing is
the latest product released on Kickstarter by Calibre8, the creators of the world’s lightest washing machine, the Scrubba™ wash bag.

Repurposed for active lifestyles, the Scrubba weightless wallet is made using excess material from Scrubba wash bag production to create an innovative, ultra-lightweight wallet, weighing only 7g (0.25oz.).


Just like the Scrubba wash bag, the weightless wallet embodies the clean, light and free philosophy by allowing users to carry everything they need without any unnecessary weight. Slim and compact, it fits into even the tightest activewear pockets all while providing a sweat barrier to keep notes dry. The tear-resistant, high-frequency welded seams, weather and sweat resistant exterior, and ultra-thin design, make the Scrubba weightless wallet the ideal companion for travel and fitness.


Managing director Ash Newland said that the company’s focus on the environment made the decision to repurpose excess material into another useful product easy.

“Our high frequency welding methods and the materials used in the Scrubba wash bag make it lightweight, weatherproof and durable.  We realized that these properties are also desirable in wallets for travel and sports and that as an upcycled product, the environmental impact of the new product would be next to nothing.”
A high level of demand for the Scrubba weightless wallet has already been demonstrated with the initial crowdfunding target exceeded in just 2.5 hours.  With the campaign closing on 10 October, this campaign is on track for exceptional success.

The weightless wallet will be available in traditional Scrubba green, white or black. Ideal for keeping essential cards and a bit of cash secure on a bike ride, run, gym or yoga session, travelers can also benefit from the compact, weather-proof design that fits most currencies.  Optional flexible RFID blocking sleeves are available for security-conscious travelers and the wallet comfortably expands to carry up to 12 cards and a bunch of notes for those who need more.

“Environmental benefits aside, by repurposing the fabric, we have also been able to make a quality wallet that is really affordable,” Newland said.

Super early birds can pick up a Scrubba weightless wallet for as low as AUD10 (~USD7.6).  As an added benefit, free global shipping is included.

For more information visit the Kickstarter preview page at: