How to choose a great resolution you’ll stick to

The hardest part of choosing a New Year’s resolution is finding one that you’ll stick to. You might think you’re ready to quit smoking, but when it comes time to let go… Well, it’s too much. So, before you can really resolve to do something this New Year, you need to be sure. Keep reading to find out how to choose a resolution you’ll stick to.


From henceforth, we shan’t use the term resolution at all. Over 90% of people fail to keep theirs so let’s remove the negative connotation around that word. Instead, use the term plan, intention or goal.


Instead of trying to stop doing or quit something, instead resolve to lead a healthier life. Find a positive way to frame words that are typically perceived as negative.


Your intention shouldn’t be unrealistic, nor should it be vague or broad. You have to be specific and cut it down to a monthly (or weekly) target.


It’s easier to meet your goal when you break it down into bite-sized pieces. So, you can have your ultimate plan, but smaller goals for you to strive for weekly or monthly.


Tell your friends (or family), they can help you remain accountable to your goal.

Break & Reward

Don’t punish yourself if you feel stressed out about keeping your goal. If you slip up on any front, then you don’t need to beat yourself up or give up. It’s just a misstep – just take a break to regroup and keep going. Just as importantly, don’t be afraid to reward yourself. With every milestone you meet, you can give yourself a reward (one that isn’t related to your goal).

Keep Going!

No matter what – don’t give up, just keep pressing forward. If you trip up, get back up, dust yourself off, and you go again.

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