5 best places in Sydney to celebrate Australia Day 2019

Big plans for Australia Day? If not, we know a few places where you can go! Sydney, of course, has some of the biggest and best Australia Day celebrations. As well they should since they’ve had more practice than everyone else. In Sydney, you’ll find amusement rides and street theatre, beautiful beaches, delicious food, and fireworks.

Sure, there are plenty of places you go, head outside of Sydney. 100Km north you’ll find epic adventures and drive west for two hours to enjoy all kinds of celebrations. It’s Sydney, though, that holds the most exciting times.


It’s the perfect spot to picnic and just relax and enjoy. It also provides you with an excellent view of the Ferrython finish in Sydney Harbour. It is where some of the most spectacular events of the day are so, you’ll have a great view. There’s always a ceremony or two to watch, as well as performances from choirs and Aboriginal dance companies.

Sydney Harbour

There’s a full day of entertainment to be had here, from the Ferrython to spectator crafts where you can join the action. Again, there are choir performances, as well as naval salutes and more. It doesn’t end there, though, you can look forward to a parachute display, the Tall Ship Race, and more.

The Rocks

Expect large crowds here to watch the annual wheelchair race, as well as hours of entertainment in the form of giant boardgames, Australian musicians, and more.

The Sydney Opera House

It’s another busy spot, but you can get free tickets if you plan in advance. If you’re not lucky enough to snag one, then you’d be best steering clear on the day!

 Darling Harbour

Are you ready for fireworks? This is the spot! There are activities from mid-morning and it’s the perfect place to head if you have a family. The kids will be entertained until early evening and from then, there’s entertainment for the adults.

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