Hawaii Travel Destination

Hawaii Island is a volcanic island, in the North Pacific Ocean on the most eastern and southern ends of the Hawaiian islands chain.

It is the youngest and largest island in the United States and is larger than all the other islands of Hawaii combined. The island is made up of five separate shield volcanoes and is home to Kilauea – one of the world’s most active volcanies, Maunakea – the tallest sea mountain in the world, and Maunaloa – the world’s largest shield volcano.

Hawaii Island is known for its many nicknames which help to avoid confusion between the island itself and the state of Hawaii. These include The Big Island, The Orchid Island, and Hawaii’s Island of Adventure but a favourite is “Hawaii’s Island of Adventure” because that is precisely what this island radiates and the kind of holiday most dream about. Any of these descriptions, however, do not begin to touch the essence that lies within the heart of this land as you explore Hawaii Island – The Island of Secrets.

Hawaii Island offers an adventure of a lifetime as you travel via moped or motorcycle, riding at speed, head towards the east of the island for some day time fun.