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Going hiking? Don’t forget your headphones!!

Hiking is one of life’s great outdoor pleasures. There’s no doubt that getting out there in the heart of nature is good for soul, but for some of us – we want the best of both worlds. We want to enjoy hitting the trails, taking deep breaths in the fresh air, and exploring new and exciting destinations. But we also want to enjoy some of life’s creature comforts.

And one of those is taking your favourite music with you.

Here are some of the reasons we believe you should take some decent headphones with you when you’re going on your next hiking trip.

  1. Walking through a rainforest or climbing mountain trails can be one of the most exhilarating experiences you can have. And because you’re hitting nature and also getting away from the smog, noise and craziness of city living – it’s a great opportunity to meditate and enjoy some real time out. If you want to enhance the sounds you are experiencing in the wild, opt for some soft guitar music. It’s amazing how much that can make those birds and waterfalls truly come to life – and you will feel more relaxed than ever.
  2. Catch up on the latest albums. Life gets busy and when life gets busy, you don’t get to sit around and enjoy your favourite bands as much as you used to. Week days become all about work, and weekends are often full of family events and, for some of us, screaming kids! But when we have the chance to get out in the natural world, enjoying a couple of hours hiking through rainforests and hitting our favourite waterholes – this could be the only chance you get to catch up on some of the music you left behind years ago.
  3. Blocking out other hikers. If you’re planning on visiting a popular hiking trail, it can actually get a little noisy! The last thing you want is to be walking down hundreds of steps to the most amazing waterfall ever – and the entire walk is drowned out by some loud mouth who has to gossip the entire way! Instead, you might want to listen to birds calling, waterfalls falling, crickets chirping – and if you can’t hear that where you’re walking thanks to fellow hikers, fake it with some nature sounds tracks.
  4. Get pumped. One of the reasons people go hiking is because it is great exercise. And often when we’re travelling long distances, we can begin to lose motivation along the way. When that happens, get some great music pumping through to your ears to keep the pace going. Techno, rock and roll, some great bass tracks will have you motivated in no time.
  5. If you’re actually hiking for an overnight trip, or your day hike turns into an unexpected camp under the stars, taking your music with you will give you entertainment to get you through the night. Hear something crawling in the bushes? Make sure your music is louder, and you won’t be so scared. Need some help to get to sleep? Drift off to some peaceful sleep music.

Getting back to nature isn’t always about leaving behind the creature comforts, so if you are a music lover, take your music with you the next time you hit the trails.

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