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From Perth To Broome: Go On A Family Road Trip You’ll Never Forget

With 12,889 km of mainland coast, Western Australia is the longest and most thrilling part of the country. Therefore, it’s the perfect location to explore on a family road trip. Starting from Perth, the second most isolated capital city in the world and ending up in Broome, you’ll enjoy an adventurous two to three week trip like no other. And whether it’s camping out under the Australian stars, seeing unique sea creatures or exploring the local wildlife that you’re after, this popular road trip has it all.

Western Australia

Be prepared

The Western Australia government recently approved an eight-month $2.2 million global promotion which will see Western Australia become the “Road Trip State.” With millions of tourists anticipated over the coming months, preparation is the key to a successful Perth to Broome road trip. Therefore, ensure your children are comfortable in the car by choosing a suitable car seat for their age and height. Additionally, it should support their back throughout your trip too. Young children should be allowed out of their car seat every hour. So before you head off on your trip, plan your route and stops carefully to make everyone’s journey as enjoyable as possible.

Get active

Perth Now reports that there has been a 4.8% increase in the number of Interstate visitors to Western Australia. Undoubtedly, this rise is due to the thrilling activities that can be discovered on a West Coast road trip. Sandboarding is a great activity for all ages to have a go at. But most of all it, you’ll all enjoy some good family fun together. Lancelin, the country’s premier sandboarding destination, is just 85 minutes from Perth and is the perfect way to kickstart your itinerary once you’re on the road. Meanwhile, Property Marketer, Ryan McGinty states that the area is one of the best on the West coast. “Lancelin is one of Western Australia’s favourite holiday destinations attracting both local and international tourists to its clean beaches, fishing activities, sand boarding, and relaxed seaside lifestyle,” he said.

Get up close and personal with local animals

The journey from Perth to Broome totals 3,900 km. Therefore, to keep the kids excited throughout the long trip, entice them with the promise of being able to get up close and personal with some fabulous Western Australia creatures. Yanchep National Park is the ideal location to spend half a day as the kids will love to see the on-site koalas and kangaroos. Don’t forget your cameras either as the kangaroos notoriously gather by the picnic area which makes for some great snaps. Further down the line, be sure to stop at Shark Bay for a day or two in order to witness some of the rarest mammals on the planet, including the Shark Bay mouse, rufous hare-wallaby and the western barred bandicoot. Of course, the area is heavily populated with sharks, too, which will truly make your kids’ day.


A family road trip from Perth to Broome is the ideal way to spend some quality time together. But, in order to make your trip a memorable one, carefully plan your stops before you head off and plan some thrilling animal encounters and physical activities.

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