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Expedition paddlers Ben Stookesberry, Erik Boomer, and Sarah McNair-Landry kite-ski across Greenland

Sarah McNair-Landry, Erik Boomer and Ben Stookesberry have redefined the adage to “earn your turns.” The all-star trio of expedition leader-paddlers have completed their 620 mile journey on a river into the frozen interior of Greenland.

After 38 days and over 620 miles, the expedition crew of Ben StookesberryErik Boomer, and Sarah McNair-Landry successfully crossed the Greenland ice sheet, reaching a place they have proclaimed the “Twin Galaxies Fjord.” The discovery of the fjord bares the gift of thawed water flowing from the ice sheet in the impressive form of waterfalls and whitewater carving through the rugged walls rock and ice.


The group landed on the east coast of Greenland August 7, setting out to traverse the frozen landscape without the assistance of motorized craft. With the help of their ski and kite setups, which allowed the trio to harness the power of the wind, the group has completed the crossing to the arctic island’s western side, towing creekboats full of gear in an expedition they have titled, “The Greenland Kite Kayak Supertrip 5000.

According to Stookesberry via Instagram update, when the team first reached the Twin Galaxies Fjord, they descended into an ice canyon, entering the glacier itself as they made their way to Tarn Lake at the edge of the massive ice sheet. Now that the crew has reached a suitable position to complete the paddling aspect of their expedition, they will continue to navigate the remaining 6 miles of river and 1600 feet of gradient separating them from the coast, and the balmy waters of Baffin Bay.

See how the expedition unfoldfed via Gramwire