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Elvis Bogdanovs’s extreme sport is no more dangerous than drinking alcohol

Daredevil filmed doing handstands and chin-ups while hanging 700ft above London Adrenaline junkie. 

A fearless man who has been filmed hanging by just two fingers 700ft above London, claims what he does is no more dangerous than drinking alcohol.

Elvis Bogdanovs, who has terrified and amused in equal measure during various stunts, can be seen removing one hand from his support and hovering hundreds of feet above the ground.

The latest video of his work shows him in action in at a 40-storey high rise building in Stratford, London – with the 20-year-old appearing completely unfazed as the busy night time traffic appears like dots in the distance.

Not content with his round of pull-ups and press-ups he then proceeds to do a handstand hovering alarmingly close to the edge.

Elvis Bogdanovs claims his extreme sport is no more dangerous than drinking alcohol (Image: Caters News Agency)
He has been climbing since he was just five years old (Image: Caters News Agency)

Elvis, from Aberdeenshire, Scotland, said: “I do it because it’s my passion. Everyone has their passions so if they’re able to relate to that feeling, they can understand why I do it.

“For me it’s about the art of climbing itself, the climb, and the reward of the view in the end.

“To describe what it’s like dangling 700 feet plus in the air is practically impossible – it’s difficult to find the words that accurately describe the feeling.

“There’s actually no rush of adrenaline anymore, I’ve done it for so long it feels like walking down the road.

“However, there is pure satisfaction and enjoyment.

“What do I say to the people who warn against it? Tough sh*t.

He says he is not done yet with his daredevil stunts (Image: Caters News Agency)
But urges others not to try and copy his dangerous moves (Image: Caters News Agency)

“There are far more dangerous thing that people do and don’t complain about, practically any extreme sport or racing.

“If people drink alcohol, they’re already just as bad as me.

“Everyone has their passions and this is mine, just a tad more extreme than most.

“When you break it down to the fundamentals, it’s not even that bad.”

Elvis first came to public attention when he scaled a crane being used in the creation of a bypass near his hometown in 2017.

He first took up climbing as a five-year-old and said people are wrong to warn against it.

The model and personal trainer added: “Stunt-wise, I enjoy pushing my limits and boundaries to the next level.

“They’re self goals, and I thoroughly enjoy documenting and recording those boundary pushing moments for everyone to see.

He was filmed 700ft in the air for his latest video (Image: Caters News Agency)
He is keen to push himself to “the next level” (Image: Caters News Agency)

“Content creation is a major part of why I do it too, and since recently I’ve really enjoyed creating these videos for people to get scared at essentially.

“I want to bring those emotions out during my videos to show and mimic what it could be like for them since nobody would ever do what I do – thrilling and gripping are the terms I suppose.

“In terms of stunts lined up, I’m currently practicing for a move that’s never been before attempted or seen off a crane.

“Let’s just say it involved my neck.

“However, I absolutely do not encourage anyone to copy or participate in these activities at all.

“I’ve had a whole lifetime of experience training for this – since I was five I’ve been climbing trees and buildings like a little maniac.”


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