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Diving With Sharks

A visually stunning book of images from the deep captured for the love of diving with sharks. If you love divinG, you will love this book. It captures the essence of the ocean and the top of the food chain that hunts, lives and thrives in it. It offers information on almost every shark species in the ocean, as well as offering insight into some relatively unknown sharks, their behaviours and where you can encounter them. As beautiful as it is frightening, this book is a must buy for anyone who loves the ocean.

The prospect of amazing encounters with Great Whites, Tiger Sharks, Whale Sharks, Hammerheads and many other shark species mean that each year more and more divers are heading underwater to swim with these magnificent and misunderstood predators at hot-spots all over the world, from Australia, South Africa, the USA and Mexico, to Fiji, the Red Sea, the UK and the Bahamas.

This book is a complete guide for divers seeking sharks, and for everyone interested in these incredible creatures. It includes an in-depth introduction followed by comprehensive coverage of all the shark families and species that could be encountered, including many of the lesser-know sharks, with details of biology, behaviour and where to find them. There is also a listing of the best shark diving hot-spots from around the world.

With more than 500 known species of sharks, and more being discovered every year, Diving With Sharks is the ultimate guide book for anyone wanting to learn more about these incredible creatures of the deep and also where to see them, up close and personal.

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