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Product Review: IRIDIUM GO!

If you’re someone that needs all the latest and greatest in technology and looking at your next adventure, then look no further than the Iridium GO! device. Very small and lightweight, this Wi-Fi hotspot essentially will turn your smartphone into a satellite phone by simply downloading 2 free apps.

The GO! claims that it is designed tough and able to withstand harsh environments, so I put the device out in the rain (as you need a clear line of sight to the satellites) while I stayed dry indoors and I was still able to make and receive calls as you can be up to 30mtrs from the GO!  Your mates can also connect to it as you can have up to 5 devices connected all at once, so everybody can check their emails, update Facebook or make a call.

I preferred this device in conjunction with a Telstra plan, it provided much cheaper rates and as I cannot be without my mobile phone, the GO! is small enough to take everywhere and has become an addition to my gadgets, I am always now connected.

IRIDIUM GO! is available through our long-time communications partner, SatPhone Shop. 


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