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The Iridium Extreme Handset is for the serious and safety conscious traveller. It has all the bells and whistles whilst being easy to use. The Extreme is a very rugged looking phone and is also dustproof, shock and water resistant, great to throw in your glovebox and rattle down those dirt tracks.

My favourite feature on this phone was the real-time enabled SOS with GPS which is supported by GEOS, and provided free of charge by Iridium. This gave me the peace of mind to know that if I needed saving it was only a push of a button away. To make a call or send a text, you do need to be in clear line of sight of the sky and outside, but that is no different to any other network but if you did need it indoors, such as in a car, in a building or even a boat, there are plenty of options for docks and antennas to suit anybody in any situation.

IRIDIUM EXTREME 9575 is available through our long-time communications partner, SatPhone Shop. 

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