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APP FOCUS : HITLIST Cheap Flight Deals, Airline Tickets and Last Minute Flights

Hitlist is an APP that is focussed on helping users track down bargain airfares for cities on their personal “hitlist.” The app does several things well:

1: It allows people to save their intent to visit and notify them when there is an incredible deal that pops up.

2: It brings back the “travel agency brochure” experience, by blending editorial and branded content features about locations with the latest prices. This emphasis on the trip experience differentiates it from other transactional booking apps, and clearly resonates with the social/mobile/millennial audience who have started using it in droves.

With the new update to Version 3.5 you can now specify a date range for your travels, rather than only specific dates. It now has improved referral tracking as well, so you check out how many friends you’ve referred on the new leader board and earn free travel! Yes…FREE TRAVEL!!