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All Animal Beings By Ken Drake

 ‘All Animal Beings’ delivers some of the most beautifully caught images of animals ever seen. The book features everything from iconic wildlife to farm animals and pets, mostly with a signature black background. Ken’s knowledge of animal body language and manners allows him to draw out unique character in each of his models.  The book offers the reader the chance to engage in questions relating to our relationship with animals and will pull on the heartstrings of every animal-lover.

All Animal Beings By Ken Drake

All Animal Beings is a coffee table book containing beautiful photographs of the animals in our lives that we think we know best. All manner of pets, farmed animals and iconic wildlife are featured in Zoo Studio’s signature style, including their striking black backdrops.


Some of these animals we call family, some we call foe, some we call food—All Animal Beings will showcase these creatures in a new light, as seen through the lens of highly awarded master photographer and animal specialist Ken Drake.


The book will pull on the heartstrings of every ‘animal lover’ and provide thought-provoking messages on who we share the earth with. Photography aficionados will appreciate the skill that has gone into producing this stunning book.    Readers are invited to engage and explore many questions relating to mankind’s relationship with animals through Ken’s photographs, for instance: Why are dogs considered a man’s best friend? Why can cats be so aloof? Why is it ok for us to eat some animals, but not others? Is it only domesticated animals that are smart, or does our wildlife have special abilities, too?


Zoo Studio is passionate about helping animals in need and has worked with many charities since Zoo Studio was born. The launch of Zoo Studio Foundation has helped to provide a greater focus on raising funds by utilising photography and business skills for charities that can’t necessarily do it all themselves.

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