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​Pop Up Gazebo – Every Adventure Deserves Shade

Whether you’re an enthusiastic explorer, tired globetrotter or just a rambunctious rover, by now we’re sure you’ve had a moment where you’ve wished and begged for a little more shelter. Let us grant those wishes and provide a simple, quick and lightweight solution… A pop up gazebo!

Pop up gazebos are clever creations that are designed to be easy to assemble, dissemble and transport. You can go anywhere and everywhere with it…and trust us…once you go gazebo you don’t go back.

They are temporary structures, which can be made up whenever and wherever you need them. They vary in size, the most popular being square or rectangle. What we love about these nifty inventions is the simplicity about them. They are here to provide shelter, and that’s what they’ll do.

Are you a tired explorer who needs a well earned break? Lucky for you the pop up gazebo can accommodate. We recommend looking to invest in a lightweight yet strong marquee that is easy and quick to manoeuvre. The last thing we recommend is going down to a large camping equivalent store and buying something cheap. With gazebos you need to get it right. Spending a little more to avoid the structure from falling on top of you is obviously critical. Don’t take short cuts on these products… do your research and find a pop up gazebo that’s both accountable and affordable. The sizes of pop up gazebos vary and thus so do the costs, however to give you an idea of what we mean by quality, weight is generally a good measure. Accordingly, a small gazebo at 2.4m x 2.4m should weigh approximately 18kg out of case, and a larger one at 3m x 6m should weight approximately 35kg.

Are you sick of being stuck in sun, wind or rain?  It’s nothing short of annoying when the weather ruins the great adventure you’ve planned. So don’t let it! Purchasing a pop up gazebo from an expert will end the fear of a perfect day not working out. Of course we can’t change the weather, but a pop up gazebo can definitely stabilise the way we interact with it. How does it do such a miraculous thing? Look out for those that are waterproof, have a sturdy Aluminium frame and conform to Ultraviolet Protection rated at UPF 50+. These features allow us to trust that the stability and quality of your product is long lasting.

Are you a keen on taking your adventure no further than your own very backyard? A pop up gazebo is a perfect addition and enhancement for your outdoor living space. Not only do they please the eye (yes they can be attractive!) but more so they can greatly extend your enjoyment of outdoor living to three, even four, seasons of the year. They undoubtedly make a space feel larger, and can also inspire and optimise the design of your backyard.

If you’ve been on an adventure with your pop up gazebo, or better yet, set up something special in your very own backyard, we would love to hear about it!