Urban Xtreme launches extreme equity campaign

Hendra-based Urban Xtreme is looking to raise up to $800,000 through equity crowdfunding to complete their adventure park. They will be the first proprietary company in Queensland to launch an equity crowdfunding campaign.

Urban Xtreme incorporated in April 2016 after founder Lindsay Davis noticed a gap in the market for ski and adventure sports in Brisbane.

“I started my customer research in 2015, after my husband and I struggled to find active adventure options suitable for the whole family,” Ms Davis said.

“I quickly realised that while there were examples overseas, no-one was creating one stop adventure parks quite like I imagined it.”

The first round of public capital for this family run business was raised through crowdfunding in October 2017.

“In early 2017 I sold over 400 pre-sale passes, and raised over $35,000 to launch the indoor ski centre through a rewards based crowdfunding campaign,” Ms Davis said.

“There’s something truly special in being able to become mountain ready in the heat of Brisbane summer. We’ve had children learn how to ski in our centre, and then go on to win awards out on the mountains within days of seeing snow for the first time”

Urban Xtreme went on to raise traditional investment to launch the laser tag, trampoline, playland, Ninja, Parkour and inflatable activities.

“Since January 2017, we’ve raised almost $1.8 million in private investment and debt funding. We’ve had everyone from our customers to our advisors invest in our company.”

2019 plans include the addition of a 10.5m rock-climbing gym and fun walls, a ski terrain park and ski jump.

“Once the centre is complete it will offer three Olympic sports; skiing, rock climbing and trampolining for locals to train and be entertained.” Ms Davis said.

“We are excited to welcome more people to join our growing family by offering our community the chance to own a piece of our business through equity crowdfunding. You can now become a shareholder for as little as $200.”

PledgeMe co-founder Anna Guenther believes the Urban Xtreme customers will come on board.

“With discounts for the lifetime of their investment, I think it’ll be a hard opportunity to pass up.”

The campaign launched on Monday, 3 December and will run for up to three months.

You can view the campaign here:

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