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Cairns – The Home Of Australia’s Extreme Adventure Sports

With a wide range of Adrenalin-soaked activities sure to put anyone’s sense of adventure to the ultimate test, the Cairns region of Queensland is the home of Australia’s extreme adventure sports. Here are 5 adventures you can have in FNQ:

Mountain Biking With A View

Undisputed as the mountain biking capital of Australia, Cairns has been one of the best known destinations in the world for riding mountain trails after hosting the 1996 World Mountain Biking Championships. A veritable paradise for all mountain bikers, Far North Queensland are full of mountain tracks that also boast a naturally spectacular backdrop.

Ziplining Over Crocodiles

The Cairns Wildlife Dome is a replicated rainforest environment with an all-weather wildlife exhibit located at the top of the Reef Hotel Casino. Waiting inside the 20 metre high glass is the adrenaline rush of the high ropes course which includes a zipline that goes right over a giant 4 metre saltwater croc named Goliath.

Skydive Over Reef

Skydive Cairns is a dream for adrenalin junkies, with the highest tandem skydive available Down Under at 15,000 feet, with heart-racing freefalls up to 220 kilometres per hour that last between 25 seconds and one full minute. Not only that, everyone who jumps has their bravery rewarded with a spectacularly iconic view of Australia’s of the east coast.

Bungee Jump With AJ Hackett

He first captured both the attention of the world as well as the French police in 1987 when he illegally bungy jumped from 110 metres up the Eiffel Tower. Now almost 30 years later, AJ Hackett has expanded his famous Cairns Bungy Jumping business with the addition of a Minjin Swing. The 50 metre height allows for a spectacular view from the northern beaches all the way out to the reef, and anyone who is brave enough to jump with open eyes will find the tranquil rainforest and waterfall surrounds are just as breathtaking.

White Water Rafting At Raging Thunder

Inside the stunning National Park of Barron Gorge, almost anyone older than 13 can experience grade 2 and 3 rapids including the famous Rooster Tail rapids, with no rafting experience required you. Otherwise you can ratchet up the adrenaline-filled action with White Water Rafting down the grade 3 and 4 rated Xtreme Tully River.

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