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Travel Feature: Fergusson Valley, Western Australia


Have you ever been to Bunbury, Western Australia? It’s a beautiful city and one of the largest in the state. The beach is stunning and the food just as good. But, did you know that just outside Bunbury is a little haven that takes you away from the city, away from the beach and into the heart of the hills?

Fergusson Valley is just this – a little haven and it’s a world filled with adventure, for the entire family. We started our journey into Fergusson Valley with a stop off at St Aiden Winery where we met the owner Phillip Smith who joined us as we enjoyed a delicious lunch. And by delicious, I mean AMAZING. If you have the opportunity to visit the restaurant here, the food is superb and I highly recommend the pork belly. While we were eating, we enjoyed a wine tasting as well – from the fresh flavours of chardonnay to the sweet bite of the liqueur.

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