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Airports are going into defence mode, and being shut down due to an increased number of drones flying too close to airports. A number of incidents have been reported in the last few weeks.
Flights in and out of Dubai International Airport were disrupted for more than an hour after a device flew into its airspace last week, while Warsaw Chopin Airport suspended landings for 30min because of the presence of two unauthorised drones.In Canada, two fighter aircraft were scrambled to investigate reports from two commercial aircraft pilots of a drone over Ottawa during their arrival.In the UAE, drone owners now have to register with the civil aviation authority and are banned from putting cameras or lasers on their machines and flying in certain areas of Dubai, including airport airspace.
Poland has introduced regulations to forbid drones within a 20km radius of airports, and police are investigating the latest incident.New rules to deal with the problem are being planned in Canada after the fighter incident, with their transport minister saying he wants tighter regulations to govern the use of drones and training for those who operate them.
His ministry is said to be looking at creating different categories of rules, depending on how much drones weigh and what they are used for.As governments across the globe try to combat this relatively newly commercially available technology, they constantly have to change laws to suit. Australia brought in a number of new laws this year to restrict use in different types of airspace, and use by commercial users.

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