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The Adventure Travel Film Festival is the brainchild of film-maker Austin Vince and travel author Lois Pryce.
‘Over the last ten years there have been thousands of travel films appear from all over the world by largely unknown film-makers. Coming from all over the globe and covering every form of transport — boats, bicycles, buses, motorcycles, 4x4s and even hitch-hiking and train-hopping, the ‘adventure travel’ shows viewed on TV, although polished and professional, were nothing in comparison to the real-life dramas that were happening.

The mission of the Adventure Travel Film Festival is to showcase the best independent adventure travel films ever made and guarantee a platform for future adventure film-makers. The festival brings together the adventure travel community and in the spirit of the event, the Adventure Travel Film Festival is based around two days of camping and good times in beautiful countryside.

Guest speakers at the 2017 Australian leg of the Adventure Travel Film Festival, to be held in February include Jackie Hartnell & Linda Bootherstone. Linda, who has been riding for over 50 years using a variety of machines from a Triumph in the 1960s, BMWs during the 70s-90s, various Japanese bikes in later years and now a CT110 Honda Postie bike!

She has toured extensively in east and west Europe, America and Australia and made two overland trips, one through Africa 1974/5 and, in 2005/7 from Spain to Australia. Her most recent adventure was in 2015 celebrating her 70th birthday in Sucre, Bolivia while touring in South America on a 125 Yamaha.

Jackie Hartnell was born in the UK in 1940 and immigrated to Australia in 1962 as a £10 POM. She very quickly fell in love with Australia (and Australians) has never regretted that £10. This was perhaps her first solo travel adventure.
Many years later, when Jackie Hartnell’s husband Ian died unexpectedly before they had time to enjoy retirement together, she realised the importance of making the most of every opportunity and became a serious solo traveller. Jackie decided to follow a long-held dream and became a backpacker travelling on a shoestring. Her first adventures included journeys in Morocco, Greece, Finland, Ireland and Thailand. Back in Australia after her first journey Jackie decided to continue her newfound passion, and bought herself a campervan, SKI2, so named because she was having a second attempt at spending her Kid’s Inheritance!

She has subsequently travelled in Vietnam, Italy and Ireland, as well as transitory visits to Spain, Denmark and other countries. She has stayed for longer periods in Cambodia and Norway while, closer to home, she drove 19,000km solo in SKI2, exploring Western Australia over four months in 2012.

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