Laura Healy’s Ironman challenge for muscular dystrophy

Laura Healy will compete in the Cairns Ironman event on 9th June 9. An Ironman event consists of a 3.8km swim, 180km ride and a 42.2km run.

“Every day I see my Matt & Rob (my 2 brothers) have no control or no choice over their health or their bodies and I believe those that do have the ability to, should take full advantage of that. I believe in looking after your health and body the best you can because it’s a privilege to have a healthy, fully functioning body. I choose to set big fitness goals for myself because I have control over my health and fitness, so why wouldn’t I see exactly what I can achieve?” says Laura.

Ironman is just over 11 weeks away and Laura is currently training 15-20 hours per week and running her own business. “I decided I needed to make this Ironman achievement more than just a goal for me to achieve, but also use it as a way to make a difference and raise funds for the exact reason why I’m so driven to take on a big goal like this. Raising money for MDA means that I am still able to give back and help while dedicating so much time and energy to this goal”.

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