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Adventure School: Mammoth Low Profile Fridge/Freezer

When you’re heading out on your next adventure, you don’t need to worry about your cold food going hot, or your frozen food melting before you’re ready for it – thanks to the new Mammoth Low Profile Fridge/Freezers. 

The new Mammoth Low Profile Fridge/Freezers are just as the name describes – low profile and you can hide them underneath most ute tonneau covers and hard-lids, making for convenience when travelling. 

They are available in 70 litre single zone and 60 litre Flexi Zone, with both models including a digital control panel that is easy to use; and sturdy stainless steel tie-down handles for long lasting durability. The seals on the lids are wide to ensure your goods are kept colder, longer; and they come with a high efficiency SECOP compressor. 

When you buy the Flexi Zone, you’re getting two independent cooling compartments that make storage ideal for those weeks away in the outback. You can store your meat in the freezer so it doesn’t go off, and your drinks in the fridge so they are ready when you want them.  

The tough metal exterior is built to withstand the harsh Australian climates and the high efficiency compressor includes ECO and MAX modes so you can customise your requirements for heavy use – bringing temperatures down when necessary. It uses a SECOP compressor that can keep temperatures as low as -18°C; you decide the temperature through the control panel, and the electronic temperature control does the rest. You can even shut down the freezer if you don’t need it anymore, not only saving power, but also giving you more space for drinks. 

It won’t drain or damage your battery thanks to the three stage battery protection which is controlled by the control panel itself, and the best part is – the Fridge/ Freezer has similar capacity and the same performance as single compartment systems. 


  • Tough metal exterior 
  • Digital control panel with electronic temperature control 
  • High efficiency SECOP compressor with ECO and MAX modes 
  • 12/24V DC and 240V AC power inputs 
  • 3 stage battery protection 
  • Internal LED light 
  • Recessed metal handles 
  • Sturdy lid latches 
  • Removable internal baskets 

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