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Red Bull 400 (World’s steepest 400m race) Kicks Off in Whistler This Weekend

The steepest 400m race in the world, Red Bull 400, makes its return to Canada for the World Championships.

Testing both speed and endurance, this race challenges runners with 400 metres on a 37 degree incline from the bottom of a ski jump, straight to the top.

Don’t let the simplicity of the concept fool you, runners will push themselves to the limit with this punishing 400m climb up on their hands and knees.


Event info

  • Edition: 4th
  • Hill size: 140m
  • Incline: 35°
  • Built in: 2007
  • Altitude: 790m


Robyn Mildred CAN 4m 45.00s
Kieran Lumb CAN 3m 48.39s

Curious fact

  • Whistler is the first location to host the World Championships outside of Europe.

Local Website

Find all details about the event and how to register here: Red Bull 400 Whistler

Winners archive

Full Distance Men
2018 Kieran Lumb/CAN 3m 54.00s
2016 Kieran Lumb/CAN 3m 48.39s
2015 Brandon Crichton/CAN 3m 53.21s
Full Distance Women
2018 Robyn Mildren/CAN 4m 45.00s
2016 Rachel McBride/CAN 4m 56.58s
2015 Zoe Dawson/CAN 5m 08.12s

Results 2018

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