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I am fortunate enough to have been around iSUPS for quite some time, in fact even using one whilst paddling around the Florida Islands in 2016. I have to say how impressed I was when my new DRIFT ACTIVE PRO arrived, considering that I have been paddling another brand for the past 3 years…..

From the quality backpack, reinforced shipping, inflatable thruster fin supports, and the strap to hold it all together when packed up were very impressive. Unpacked, inflated and into the river in 35km/h winds and incoming tide I went for my first paddle. 2 hours later and 7km covered I was blown away with the stability and ease of tracking. In fact that stable that I was able to fly-fish off it as well.

Jane at has some awesome deals for BLADE & OE readers. They spruik themselves as the SUP Package specialists and I believe they certainly are.

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