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Northern whale migration under way

The annual northern migration of humpback whales along the Western Australian coast is under way with sightings of the majestic creatures being reported from Albany to Exmouth.

Thousands of these mammals make the 13,000 kilometre round-trip from Antarctica to warmer waters in WA’s north between May and late November. During this time, the number of whale entanglements and stranding incidents may increase, and the Department of Parks and Wildlife has specialised teams throughout the State that can be deployed to safely attempt disentanglements.

The humpback migration is one of the longest whale watching seasons in the world attracting thousands of visitors to the coast, providing a boost to whale tour operators as well as the regional economy.

Southern right whales are also seen between Esperance and Perth during winter and spring, as they come into sheltered bays and close to shorelines to give birth to their young.

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