Great Valentine’s gifts for the long-term love of your life

Many Valentine’s Days have come and gone, this certainly isn’t your first rodeo. So, how do you get your partner the perfect gift when you’re well into your love? Just because you’re in a long-term relationship, doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a bit of fun and romance. It’s no longer about spending a fortune on price-hiked meals or buying roses that have tripled in price. Forget the heart-shaped box of chocolates and a handmade card. It’s time to get personal.

A Video Compilation

Do you have a stack of selfies or favourite photos that you have taken together? Well, why not create a video compilation with them? Good thing you’re already planning ahead. Take those digital shots, scan old-school photos, and create a nice video. Bonus points if you set it to music. If you have other items that you have saved over the years, you may want to consider an album with photos, tickets, receipts, and other items that you have been holding onto.


There are plenty of websites that will let you input your details to create a cool infographic. So, compile a list of all of the things that you love about your partner. It’s just a really cool way to tell your love story and you can have it printed professionally, then frame it to finish.

A Photo Shoot

You probably have thousands of photos together, but have you ever done a solo, professional photo shoot? Why not hire a professional to take some romantic shots for your partner? That will certainly set the tone for whatever dinner you have planned.

365 I Love Yous

Why not write out 365 little notes that will tell your partner why you love them? Put them all in a jar and they can read a new one every day.

Romantic Deck of Cards

Buy a cool deck of cards and that’s your starting point. There are tonnes of different ways for you to do this. So, you can find a style that really works for your partner’s taste. The point is that you come up with 52 reasons that you love your partner. They can flip through the cards and messages on the day, but it’s something they can hold onto. It’s a great reminder of what holds you together.

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