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#FILM: Threads From Mongolia

Threads From Mongolia

Threads from Mongolia is a short creative documentary, following a group of women from France, Hong Kong, Mongolia and beyond, many of whom are entirely new to camping, mountains and adventure. The film explores some of Mongolia’s most remote landscapes, from arid desert to the frozen Altai mountains by foot, horse and car as the group raise funds and awareness for charity Women on a Mission.

Nadege is there to connect with her lost Mongolian roots, Anastasia to defy her friends telling her she should be at home ‘making babies’ and Ada to overcome her fear of the new. With encounters with the infamous Kazakh eagle hunters, ancient petroglyphs and a glimpse into the lives of nomadic families, Threads from Mongolia weaves female camaraderie and experience, poetry by acclaimed writer Claire Carter and music from local performers into a beautiful love letter to a wild, special place.

Women on a Mission (WOAM) organises challenging expeditions, dynamic marketing campaigns and events to raise awareness and funds for women survivors of war, and to support and empower women who have been subjected to violence and abuse.

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