Crazy New Year’s Resolutions

Do you make a resolution or two every new year and then see how quickly you can break it? Typically, people resolve to stop smoking, to eat better, to lose weight, learn a new thing, save money, travel more, spend more time with family, manage their stress levels, and even volunteer. Funnily enough, as much as these are commonly chosen resolutions, they are also the resolutions that people most often break. Why not try some of the craziest New Year’s Resolutions instead, you never know which one might stick.


Social Butterfly

Why not set out to make a new friend every month? I know, it’s crazy because you barely want to be around the people you already know and like. Hear me out, a strong social network is important. Humans are social creatures and even introverted personalities need regular human interaction. You might not have heaps of time on your hands, but you should always make time to improve your social ties.


Record Breaking

Browse through the Guinness Book of World Records and find yourself a record you can break. Or, you can just create your own personal record to break. Some of the genuine records that exist include the longest kiss, the fastest time to run a mile wearing swim fins, the longest wedding dress train, and even the longest nails. So, it might sound crazy, but it’s definitely something you can attain. You just need to find the perfect record.



Instead of resolving to travel, instead, promise yourself you’ll take an amazing photo in five different places. Not only will you create a cool record of your year, but you’ll be spurred on in your wish to travel.


Trying New Things

Are you a picky eater or just stuck in a rut? Why not try a new and different food every week.


Tabs For Life

Instead of opening tabs with articles you want to read and leaving them for weeks (or even longer), resolve to read them the same day. Crazy, right?


Repeat Last Year’s Resolution

… why not?

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