Brianna Beahan: 100% focus

While most of us force ourselves out of bed, unable to converse for an hour or so without coffee and shower, before heading into work for the daily grind, eagerly awaiting the weekend and talking ourselves into excuses as to why we can’t possibly make it to the gym that day, 24 year old Commonwealth Games Athlete and USANA Health Sciences ambassador, Brianna Beahan is juggling university, work, a social life and working on her next 100 metre Hurdle PB.

When I think of hurdling, I’m taken back to a time in my childhood in my backyard, my dad has strung up a rope between the trampoline and a tree and is showing me the mechanics of the jump “Run, bend, then one leg extended to the front, the other hitched up like a weeing dog….” Thankfully, this is not how Brianna was taught.

Currently training Monday-Saturday, her schedule includes 4 track sessions that incorporate sprint, technical, speed endurance and polymeric training, and the other two she focuses on strength and conditioning. As she looks back over her highlights reel, which is ever increasing, there are a number of moments to choose from, she was ranked second in the world and held the 100 metre hurdles record (76cm), her debut year in 2010 national in Perth, Australia she placed third, and she received silver in the 100m hurdles and in 2013.

She was chosen to represent her country in the 100 metre hurdles at the World Universiade Summer Games in Kazan, Russia where she placed 12th overall and came out with a personal best record. ”I’d also say that World Relay Championships in Bahamas running in the 4 x 100 metre was pretty awesome as well!”