BREAKING: People move near race track, complain about loud cars. Have Your Say

Car enthusiasts are being turned away at the gate of an historic race track north of Brisbane because their vehicles are too loud.

THE operator of Lakeside Park has reminded track users that vehicles with a decibel rating at 95db or louder are not allowed to participate in events.

Lakeside Park is one of Australia’s most favorite and classic circuits. Since its opening in 1961, the circuit, formerly known as Lakeside International Raceway, has hosted mainly Australian touring car rounds, GT races and the Australian Superbike Championship. In addition, the circuit twice hosted grands prix for formula race cars, with Graham Hill winning the first edition with a BRM in 1966.

The circuit cuts through grassland along the shores of Lake Kurwongbah, and is situated 30 kilometres north of Brisbane in the state of Queensland.

Image Credit: QLD Raceways

A statement from the race track’s website reads:

Lakesides Noise Restrictions

Lakeside Park and its activities are held to a strict noise limit requirement. These limits are imposed upon Lakeside Park by Moreton Bay Regional Council.

The noise limits for Lakeside Park are tested statically at a distance of 8 metres from the exhaust exit point of the vehicle. All vehicles must be below 95db to proceed onto the race circuit. Whilst on the circuit noise limits are also tested and enforced, 95db at the tracks edge.

If your car is above this level, please address the noise level before entering an event at Lakeside Park.


Racing events at the track have been suspended while Lakeside operator John Tetley, of Queensland Raceways, works with Moreton Bay Regional Council to find a solution to the long-running issue of noise emanating from the track. The track is also currently under investigation for an alleged breach of the noise conditions on March 9, during a motorbike event. A post on the Lakeside Park QLD Facebook Page earlier this month stated the 95db noise limit had been in place for 11 years. “We had 15 cars turn up on Sunday exceeding this level by 8dB and more,” it stated.

“It is not our desire to be hard on these people but we have a lot to protect.

“QR & MBRC are working hard to keep Lakeside open but everybody who comes there has to do their bit too.”

The post advised people who were not sure about their vehicle’s noise output to get it checked at a muffler shop.

“It is all too late when you get to Lakeside and then get disgruntled about being sent home,” the post stated.

Mr Tetley told Pine Rivers Press the post was a reminder to customers that we they were still facing onerous restrictions on the noise levels at Lakeside.

“Unfortunately we had to send them home which is no good for anybody,” he said.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if they decided to go and have some fun in the backstreets of one of the local industrial estates.”

People commenting on the post were largely understanding of the situation and the position that QR finds itself in.

Anyone wishing to receive a copy of the document can contact Strategic Planning on 3205 0555, or email mbrc@moretonbay.qld.gov.au

Image Credit: QLD Raceways

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