Edition 51

Barra Dreamin’

Never a week goes by where I don’t think about the prospect of heading to central Queensland to target Barramundi in the various stocked impoundments within that region

The thought of spending quality time with great mates, sharing a few laughs, spilling a cold ale and cooking on the coals of a camp fire is what sometimes gets myself and many of us through the daily grind. The fishing is just a catalyst that bonds this mateship. We had planned to fish Lake Kinchant and Teemburra Dam near Mackay and although the fishing was somewhat tough at times, we certainly caught our fair share of quality Barramundi. Mainly equipped with kayaks, we also took a few boats along for the journey for support.

No matter how many times you visit these lakes, every time you first launch there is a feeling of trepidation and uncertainty as to how your time on the water will unfold. One thing that I have learnt over the years fishing these land locked environments is that there is never two days the same. Preparation is the key to success for these fishing trips and prior to the event, I spend my time observing water levels and the weather leading up to our departure. Lures are selected carefully, reels are wound with new line and knots are tied with utmost precision. The outfit I prefer is Silstar’s 6’6” Crystal Power Tip rod matched with Okuma’s RTX Pro 40 reels spooled with 30lb Platypus Platinum Plus braid and a short length of 60lb Platypus Game leader. The soft plastic lures I have most confidence in using are Z-Man’s 6” SwimmerZ in the colours of Golden Boy, Red Shad, Houdini and especially Smoky Shad which represents the baitfish I have witnessed swimming amongst the weedy structure in daylight hours. The Z-Mans are made from 10x Tough Elaztech and can sure take their fair share of abuse, catching copious amounts of fish before they require changing. Rigged weedless on the award winning TT Lures SnakelockZ in an 8/0 hook weighted at 1/4oz. also gives me confidence in staying connected to these aggressive fish throughout each session.


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