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5 Places In Australia Only The Bravest and Most Curious Adventurers Will Go!

5 Places In Australia Only The Bravest and Most Curious Adventurers Will Go! Are you ready?

  1. Spook Hill, Queensland (For the curious)

Located in Mount Cotton, about half an hour of a drive from the Brisbane CBD, Spook (or Magnetic) Hill is truly one of Brisbane’s most intriguing kept secrets. Put your car in neutral gear at the bottom of the hill and watch it roll uphill as your kids scream in mystification and you smile then cry, wondering why they haven’t given you a world’s best Dad trophy yet.

Screenshot from Youtube Website – Copyright neallrad
  1. Lake Hiller (For the curious)

Western Australia has the privilege of calling this lake home. Unfortunately though, while completely safe, swimming in this beautiful halobacteria infected lake isn’t possible due to the lake being used only for research purposes. You can however,  fly over it and admire it as a whole. So men, if you want to get some action on any given night, fly your fine lady over Lake Hillier. If you REALLY want to get laid, propose over it.

COPYRIGHT: Vusal Alekberov, 2013
  1. The Maize Maze (For the brave)

Mazes of maize have been built for a long, long time, however this particular maze, located south of the Melbourne CBD, changes in design every year as the the owners plant over 100, 000 stalks of corn. Only the brave dare enter the largest maze in the southern hemisphere (over 2.5 acres) but if you’re too chickenshit to try it, don’t worry…just meet your kids at the lolly shop when they’re done.

Copyright Nicholas Jackson
  1. The Drunken Australian Parrots (For the curious)

You know how sometimes you don’t think you want/need something until you hear about it? Yeah, well this is one of them. During the wet season in the Northern Territory’s Tanami East, flights of colorful parrots feast on fermented berries in a single tree dubbed ‘Drunken Parrot Tree’ before suddenly exhibiting telltale signs of a moonshine binge. They lack coordination, fall out of trees and exhibit signs of a vicious hangover. The best part though is hearing them sing, or should I say, try to sing. Experts still don’t understand exactly how the parrots become so affected, and sadly, quite a few of them die. The rest of them however, probably call their mates up and brag about the ‘crazy epic weekend I just had, fam.’

Copyright: David Pearce


  1. The Melbourne Storm Tunnels (for the curious and the brave)

Constructed separately from the sewer system, (thank God!) the storm drains underneath Melbourne are a maze of waterfalls, chambers, brick tubes and many kilometers of concrete. Make a whimper sound and hear the echo of a scream.  Some of these drains have been explored thoroughly and have been given official names, for example ‘The Maze’, ‘The God’ and ‘The Tenth Drain.’ Tell your loved ones you love them before entering one of these!

Copyright: Darmon Ritcher

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