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Adventure School: Tonic for your eyes

Tonic is a new brand of polarised sunglasses that is quickly earning a reputation among anglers Bush walker, sailing, skiing as the finest eyewear on the market today. Like all industries there have been significant advancements in eyewear technology in recent years which sunglass industry stalwart Doug Phillips – who has more than 30 years’ experience in the game – has incorporated into his Tonic range.

“We have been able to incorporate four colours into a photochromic glass lens with multi-coatings that provide unequalled anti-reflective properties to maximise clear vision in all weather conditions. Our high contrast polarised lens retains colour even in low light where others become washed out,” he added.

Most glass lens sunglasses are quite heavy due to the thickness of the glass but again advancements in technology have allowed Tonic to reduce the glass thickness from 2.2mm down to 1.8mm which results in a noticeable reduction in weight making them far more comfortable to wear all day.

Another unique feature of the Tonic range is they are de-centred which means each lens has been perfectly ground to eliminate optical distortion which can often occur with wraparound glasses.

Fishing journalist and photographer Scott (Scotto) Mitchell had this to say about his new Tonic sunnies. “I have been a self professed sunglass junkie for as long as I can remember and have worn most of the big-name brands during my 45 plus years. My favourite fishing glasses all involve being able to see fish before they see me which makes my sunglasses one of my most critical items. My new Tonics are the sharpest, clearest and most comfortable polarised glasses I have ever worn. I could waffle on about how these ultra-light ‘decentred’ lenses feature state of the art technologies. But all you really need to do is put a pair on. You’ll see what I mean.”

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