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Adventure School: Stands and Mounts for your Mobile Devices

Put It Where You Want It: Stands and Mounts for your Mobile Devices

To really maximise your technology, your device needs to be just where you want to use it. Whether its putting your mobile phone in easy reach when you are cycling, or mounting your iPad in the car to navigate, or when you are stuck at your desk working to pay for the next trip, by using the right mount or stand you can put your device where it can be of best service to the task at hand with a stable stand or mount.

Bike mounts Whether its to record your journey, navigate or screen calls, having your phone visible while you ride can be a big help. Pairing a protective and waterproof case plus a bike/bar mount means that you can keep your mobile buddy within eyesight without worrying about rain, dust, bumps or shocks. Brands to look at include Lifeproof and Moshi.

Tripods When you want to use your mobile device for video recording or photography, a tripod can be a good addition to your kit. Portable tripods can be easily added to your pack to be able to capture the perfect moment, for long exposure shots or getting everyone into the shot. Brands to look at include iStabilizer and iKlip.

Vehicle Mounts Put your device safely out of your hand but visible for navigation or call screening, whatever vehicle you are driving. Charles Werb from Outer Edge Magazine navigated his way across an icy part of Russia on a surfski with his iPad secured in a protective case in a mount attached to his surfski. The iPad was accessible and protected, and invaluable as it guided the journey with GPS navigation during the rigorous race across the ice.

For your everyday ride, RAM Mounts also has a clever system what integrates a dropproof case with an inbuilt ruggedised power port and a charging dock mounted in your vehicle. This is perfect for mobile workers who are in and out of their vehicle all day, as the system works to protect the device while making it easy to use, especially with accessories such as shoulder straps. The ruggedised power dock accessory protects the power port by NOT sliding in the power cable 20 times a day into the vulnerable device power slot.  Brands to look at include Ram Mounts and Moshi.

Device Desk Stands Even back in the office or at home, there are lots of places where a good tablet or laptop mount or stand can help. Keeping your device at working height can reduce eyestrain and neck issues from poor posture. Brands to look at include Twelve South and Griffin.

Wall mounted tablets make great information stations, for corporate, retail and other environments. A wall mount keeps your device secure and ready to use, convenient on the wall. There are key lockable options for environments that need to grab the device and take it to the action, such as in healthcare and facility management. Brands to look at include Compulocks and Ram Mounts.

Hands free viewing Several brands of protective table cases, such as Otterbox and Griffin, include a stand, so flipping out the kickstand for comfortable viewing can be as simple as the flick of a finger. Otherwise a portable stand can be a lightweight addition that provides that much needed height and safe viewing angle to protect your neck and eyes – and make the task easier to achieve. Brands to look at include Otterbox and Studio Proper.

For a wide range of accessories for mobile devices that go places, check out Maximise Technology From rugged cases, to stands and mounts plus portable and solar chargers to keep devices going.


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