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Adventure School: Basic gear for hiking and camping


As the air cools down in Autumn, the leaves turn into gorgeous hues of gold and burnt orange. It is the prime season to get into the woods. If you have just started to get serious about hiking and camping, here are some basics you should start with.



Obviously, a backpack is a no-brainer as you need one to hold all your essentials. A quality backpack should be lightweight (an extra 50g is an extra 50g in the woods), water resistant, and offers different storage compartments and good back panels for extra comfort.

The Victorinox Altmont Active Deluxe Rolltop Laptop Backpack features a hidden zipped pocket in the rear that you can keep your electronics safe. It also has practical features such as gear loops, daisy chains, and even a bottle opener on the bag’s shoulder straps! With this handy hold-it-all, you can easily take it from the bush to work.

When you are in the great outdoors, a good pair of shoes could mean a world of difference. Think an amazing hike or painful blisters, or worse – a rolled ankle.

Are you more of a hiker, a trail runner, or a little bit of both? This is the first question you need to ask yourself as different activities require different shoes. You need a good grip if you are trekking on muddy surfaces and uneven terrain, and you need extra support if you are wearing a heavier backpack because it puts more strain on your ankles. Talk to a shop assistant in a sports gear store and try on shoes of different cut and material to find your perfect fit.

Hiking Socks
Your feet will thank you later if you put on some good hiking socks as it will give you extra cushioning for comfort and impact protection. Some hiking socks also come with non-slip arch support, aka less chance of getting bruised feet or blisters!

Long Pants
The last thing you want is to get scratched by sharp branches or bit by mosquitoes and leeches. Wear a pair of breathable and fast-drying long hiking pants when you are out in the woods will give you the extra protection you need, especially during those unexpected trips.

Swiss Army Knife

If you have never owned a Swiss Army Knife in your life, you should. Any seasoned adventurer knows multi-purpose is key in the wilderness. A great Swiss Army Knife will reduce the weight of your gear significantly. Take the Victorinox Spartan Wood as an example. This medium pocket knife is just above 9cm in length and weighs less than 60g. It comes with 12 handy functions, including a large blade, a can opener, a bottle opener, a screwdriver, and a sewing awl. The walnut wood also gives this handy and lightweight companion a handcrafted and unique feel. It is perfect for every outdoor adventure.



When you are exploring in the great outdoors, an old-fashioned watch is more reliable than your smartphones. Just like any other tools, we love a multi-purpose timepiece. The Victorinox I.N.O.X. Titanium Sky High Limited Edition watch is exactly the one you need for any adventures ahead.


Not only is it resistant to conditions endured at an altitude of 21,300m, but it also comes with a Naimakka paracord strap which is handwoven from superior strength nylon cord used in parachute suspension lines. It has a breaking strength of 250kg that can hold you in case of a fall. Or you can unravel it and use the woven strands to weave a fishing net, build a shelter, or simply replace a broken shoelace. How cool is that?


Walking Poles

These are designed for all ages and abilities. They give you that extra balance you need when you’re catching your breath, they help secure your footing on a rocky terrain, and they keep you from injuring yourself by taking some pressure off from your legs.


As always, go for a lightweight and adjustable one so that it can suit your height and be easily folded away into your backpack.



No camping is completed without a tent. But you can also get a camping shelter if you are after a more rugged and primitive experience – it also provides a great safe haven during longer hikes. From solo or couple camping adventures to big family outdoor holidays, there is a tent for every need and comfort level. Have a chat with your camping partner(s) before splurging on a new tent.


Camping mat and sleeping bag

Check the warmth rating on your sleeping bag to make sure it will keep you warm but not overheated during the cooler nights. Bring a camping mat to give yourself that extra layer of warmth and comfort.


Kitchen Knife

This may sound a little funny. But if you are getting more serious about camping, you may want to invest in a quality kitchen knife. Imagine how much easier it will be when you are preparing your meals in the great outdoors! Our new go-to at the Outer Edge HQ is the Victorinox Swiss Modern Kitchen Knife. No job is too tough for this compact and lightweight 15cm blade.  It cuts cleanly and effortlessly through all types of food. With its slimline, precision-pointed blade, it is particularly well matched to smaller tasks like peeling and stalk or core removal. Plus, the blade is made from wear-resistant stainless steel to enable effortless cutting, even when you are in the bush.

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