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Plans for Russia continue apace, but I’m fortunate to have a couple of adventures dialed-in prior to then, that will assist in getting my mind and body ready for what’s to come.

Tomorrow I head off to Nepal for a month. Firstly to spend two weeks with Engineering students from the University of the Sunshine Coast, examining earthquake affected structures in greater Kathmandu; then I’m off to the Annapurna Sanctuary where I’ll be using a home-made ‘coffee-can’ radar to see if it can be used to detect slope instability in the region.

I was last in this area in 2001 on an acclimatisation trek as we prepared for a Mountain Designs supported expedition to Mt Everest.

Fortunately a bit of time at altitude, humping a heavy pack, will be just what I need to start getting the body toughened-up for Russia.

Upon returning from Nepal I’ve then got a few weeks holidaying/climbing/researching in New Zealand; more pack time which is great.

But I’ll tell you a bit more about that down the track…

Best wishes to you all.


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