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9 Swiss Outdoor Extreme Experiences For Thrill-Seekers

Adventure seekers for decades have thought of Switzerland as a bucket list destination, and millions of visitors each year converge on Switzerland to mountaineer or ski down the many mountains that the Swiss Alps have to offer. In winter, Switzerland is a playground for winter extreme athletes, and families from across the globe hoping to pick up a range of skills to allow them to come back the following year to improve on them.

The Swiss summer is no different and draws almost as many extreme athletes as ski season does. A typical swiss summer will bring you back to nature, using your own muscle power! From a range of breathtaking trails, picturesque and somewhat challenging hiking paths, winding mountain pass roads or a bicycle tour across Switzerland: views of the Alps, trendy cities and relaxation in more than comfortable accommodation are guaranteed.

If you are looking for a country that offers year-round adventure, Switzerland is the place to go. If you are from Australia [and many other countries], you can visit and stay in Switzerland for three months without a visa, meaning there is ample opportunity to pack a trip full of both summer and winter activities. If you truly want to experience Switzerland to the extreme, here are a few of the best adventure experience that will fulfil your wildest thrill-seeking dreams. Be warned, however, these aren’t for the faint-hearted.

1. Climb your first 4,000m peak – Bishorn, Valais

Switzerland has 48 mountains over 4,000m high – almost all of them in Valais. With a mountain guide, even inexperienced climbers can conquer some of these lofty peaks, including the Bishorn. With its unique and diverse landscape, the Valais is a land of contrasts: In the mountains majestic four-thousand-meter-high peaks and fascinating glaciers in the valley along the Rhone – along with sprawling vineyards and unspoilt side valleys.

2. Reach the dizzy heights – Via Ferrata Allmenalp

The Allmenalp via Ferrata near Kandersteg is one of the most spectacular in Europe. It runs straight across the vertical rock face, passing four thundering waterfalls, two monkey bridges and a Tyrolienne traverse. The Kandersteg, a 350-metre high wall, is a direct route which is not really suitable for anxious beginners. However, there are regular platforms where you can stop off and calm that beating heart.

  1. Raft on the wild Inn – Engadin

The Giarsun gorge of the Inn in the Lower Engadine offers one of the most exciting and most technical rafting sections of the Alps – white water extraordinaire!

4. Conquer Mythical Alpine Passes On A Road Bike – Gotthard Region

With three legendary passes that regularly feature in the Tour de Suisse, the Gotthard Challenge ranks among the great alpine classics. Valais is also a spectacular setting of many stages in the Tour de France and Tour de Suisse. But these cycling highlights are not just for the professionals. On the Valais Bike Tour, leisure cyclists can explore the most beautiful routes in Valais over ten days.

  1. Get a bird’s eye view of the Jungfrau – Interlaken

For paragliding fans, Interlaken has long been known for its excellent flying opportunities and nearly year-round good conditions.

6. Ride down the black track – Lenzerheide

Roughly 700 metres uphill and 6,000 metres downhill: the black Biketicket 2 Ride tour is a challenging and unique mountain bike experience which also includes trips to 10 different mountain railways.

7. Go wild in Ticino’s canyoning playground – Ticino

Thanks to its raging rivers and impressive gorges, Ticino is known for its exciting canyoning adventures. Whether Centovalli, Verzasca Valley, Maggia Valley, Blenio Valley or Riviera, participants are spoilt for canyoning choice in Ticino!

8. Trek on Europe’s longest ice stream – Aletsch Arena

Discover the Great Aletsch Glacier with a mountain guide – an unforgettable experience. Guided by an experienced mountain guide and always well secured, participants have the choice of a 1 or 2-day tour across the Aletsch glacier, the longest stream of ice in the Alps!

9. Jump like James Bond – Lago di Vogorno, Tessin, Verzasca, Ticino

According to the global surveys, it is the best stunt in film history: Bond’s jump from the 220 meter high Verzasca dam in the movie “GoldenEye”. And the ultimate adrenaline rush at Lago di Vogorno is also called 007 jump or GoldenEye Bungee Jump.


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